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Our Founder of the firm, Mr. Rahul Grover is a Certified G.S.T Practitioner or Consultant who have expertise knowledge of G.S.T. Laws and Rules. We assist the established organizations and other industries starting up their business in India to get registration, Returns, Input tax Credit, required under G.S.T.

Goods and Service Tax (GST) levied on when you are going to sell any good and provide services in India. Mr. Rahul Grover is a well-known GST expert provides helps in various G.S.T factors.

G.S.T has been implemented by the Modi Government as per one hundred and first amendment of the constitution of India and came into effect from 1/07/2017. The existing taxes which is levied by the central and state government now replaced by G.S.T. The tax rules are governed by the G.S.T Council which embraces finance ministers of center and all the states.

As Rajya Sabha passed all the GST bills now, known as nation’s revolutionary tax, GST now has been implemented. With the help of GST Unified tax system transactional costs will be curbed which help economic growth to stir in the long term.

For common man it is a biggest surprise and according to them that may improve the percentage of GDP

According to many there is a positive impact of GST on most sectors but throughout the transition stage India may experience some impact that will be fading with anti-profiteering.

Let see what GST might store for the common man:

Services that will be expensive after GST:

  • DTH services
  • Mobile bills
  • Booking services (Online Ticket)
  • Banking services
  • Premiums for keeps insurance plans

Costs of the consequent vital services are also probably to travel up:

  • Courier services
  • School fees
  • Metro commute
  • Rail commute
  • Residential rentals
  • Healthcare

But there are services where prices are fall in most of the states after GST implementation and are as follows:

  • Entertainment taxes in GST (movie tickets turn inexpensive in most of the states)
  • Dining out in restaurants
  • Vehicles also witness fall
  • Hotels costs take flip side.

As per current chain ecosystem, some of them listed below might get cheaper under the GST tax system:

  • Luxury Cars
  • Entry level small cars
  • Two wheelers
  • Minimal impact

And again here the common man might expect some impact on products like:

  • Televisions
  • Washing machines
  • Toothpastes
  • Stoves
  • Soaps

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