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Corporate Compliance


Corporate Compliance

Indian companies are governed by Companies Act 2013 and company has to comply with various statutory provisions as per different sections of Companies Act 2013.

A corporate compliance program is generally defined as a formal program specifying an organization’s policies, procedures, and actions within a process to help prevent and detect violations of laws and regulations. It goes beyond a corporate code-of-conduct since it is an operational program, not simply a code of expected ethical behavior. Clearly, a code-of-conduct is an important component of a compliance program and ethics remains the heart and soul of all corporate compliance programs. However, a comprehensive program goes further by applying the code to the specific risks of an organization and integrating measures to address those risks.

Some companies think of a corporate compliance program as strictly addressing external regulatory considerations. A more integrated approach also focuses on legal as well as internal compliance to mitigate the risks of fraud, as well as to reach strategic, operational, and financial reporting objectives. Think of a corporate compliance program as a magnet that brings all of a company’s compliance efforts together. It is essentially a codification of applicable regulatory and internal compliance requirements, as well as a roadmap to action. A comprehensive program helps position a company to divert disasters, meet objectives, and grow shareholder value.

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