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In business the most important parts are accounts and data. One who is running a business must have a control on account section if he/she wants to grow his/her business.

You can outsource the function of your business finance to a single partner instead of having a separate account executives or CA’s. Raag Consultants continue providing high quality services to their clients for many years. We deliver advice and convey in best performs in accounts and finance for the clients. We create strong routes and panels during the first stage of our arrangement. We deliver tailored and sensible MIS to our amenities usually includes MIS reporting, payroll management, receivables management, taxation, book-keeping and fund management.

Accounts and Records are the most significant part of the business. It very important for a businessman to have effective control over the Account section for huge growth of the business.

Finance and Accountant Outsourcing service is for organizations looking to outsource their complete finance and accounts function to a single partner. Our solution enables seamless delivery of services and excludes the need to have separate labour consultants, tax consultants, CA’s, CS’s and accounting executives. We are able to provide high-quality services at a fraction of cost incurred to keep an in-house team by adopting a shared service model.

Our solution goes beyond the day-to-day bookkeeping tasks. We establish robust processes and controls during the first phase of our engagement, ensuring prudent risk management for clients and smooth day-to-day functioning for the client’s operations team. We provide advice and bring in best practices in finance and accounts for the client. We provide customized and timely MIS to our services typically include book-keeping, payroll management, vendor payments, receivables management, taxation, compliance management, secretarial, fund management and MIS reporting. We work on a retainership model for accounts outsourcing assignments.

India, as developing nation, has come an extended way and has emerge as a middle of attraction for plenty western countries because of its expert surroundings in terms of both money and paintings force. Many countries just like the U.S.A. And the UK are outsourcing several corporations to decorate their enterprise boom. For this reason, they're opting for accountant outsourcing in India, because it saves time, money and employees sources. Of late, many multinationals are counting on accounting outsourcing in India due to the fact accountancy in western international locations value plenty.

Various multinational agencies are hiring accountancy corporations for diverse financial reasons like reasonably-priced yet qualitative hard work. Accountant outsourcing in India is a great choice for these organizations for its financial as well as comfort elements. The principle goal behind hiring accounting outsourcing is that the accounting services from India reduces their losses and at the equal time maximizes the income. In truth, accounting outsourcing additionally reduces their fees by way of massive margins as hiring accountants in Europe or america is a huge deal and calls for funding of big cash. However, with the help of accounting outsourcing in India the multinationals are capable of lessen those kinds of expenses.

However, accountant outsourcing in India gives a diffusion of services, including advertising, finance, human resource and administrative management offerings. These services are of significance to control a a hit enterprise as they preserve a tune of the transactions taken region on a regular foundation. Properly, for an ever-developing enterprise bills must be maintained appropriately in order that the control or proprietor of the business has geared up get admission to to financial facts of the corporation at any given day and time. Therefore, that is one of the fundamental motives that many foreign agencies are hiring accounting outsourcing in India. In fact, you may say that accounting outsourcing paves manner for clean progress of any commercial enterprise on a daily foundation. As a result, accounting outsourcing in India has come to be a favorite destination for various companies for expert reasons. Especially, accounting outsourcing in India additionally provides revel in within the control of big money owed with perfection.

Way to the advancement and development of data era, it has made things feasible by way of connecting the arena with pc and software program applications. This has in reality given an facet to India over diverse nations due to its less expensive labor and different assets. For this reason, accounting in India has truely taken a leap and has taken duty from diverse multinationals on its shoulders. For that reason, accounting outsourcing in India is a good choice to loosen up a bit, because it cuts down time that turned into being utilized by the corporations in preserving its accounts. India as growing us of a is presenting pretty licensed and skilled accountants who can deal with debts accurately. To hire accounting outsourcing from India makes pretty a experience to numerous businesses and nations as they get detailed accountancy facts along with confidentiality. It makes accountancy profitable for clients and vendors each. Accounting outsourcing in India consequently is a blessing for the agencies that are searching ahead for a few worthwhile commercial enterprise. Further, accounting outsourcing in India are available spherical the clock.

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